Valentine's Day with Loose-To-Go Packets

Happy Valentine’s Day!

There are so many options for gifts this Valentine’s day but they usually revolve around the typical roses, chocolates, perfume, etc. This year you can shake things up with a heathy, delicious, and exciting alternative that your Valentine will love.

Our Loose-To-Go Packets are a great gift idea that allows for easy customization and the individual tea packets really stand out. There are so many tea lovers out there and this is a unique gift sure to delight! The convenient loose leaf tea packets are easy, portable, and allow you, or your loved one the ability to easily take Organic Kyoto Cherry Rose anywhere one’s heart desires. More of an Organic Blueberry Indigo kind of guy? No problem, each dozen is completely customizable, so pick your flavor faves!

Work colleagues will also appreciate an easy cup of Organic Earl Grey at the office. Especially, when that caffeine pick-me-up is calling and one wants to avoid (or cannot physically ingest any more ) chocolate.

Catch our latest V-day video here:

Lots of Love and Thanks for Reading!

Change is Brewing

According to the Tea Association of the USA, on any day approximately 160 million Americans are drinking tea. Although a cup of Jo is still the preferred brew in the US, the tides are changing as tea is increasing in popularity.

Some of the reasons for an increase in tea consumption include the health benefits associated with sipping a cup or two. These include the benefits of antioxidants, (especially in loose leaf teas,) stress relief, and the ability to alter the amount of caffeine intake throughout the day to name a few.

For example, starting your day with a caffeine boost and the intoxicating aroma surrounding a cup of Organic Monks Blend will give you the pick-me-up you need to confidently start your day. While after returning home from conquering the world, a nightcap caffeine-free Organic Camomile will whisk you away into calm and relaxation.

Brew yourself a cup of organic loose leaf tea and taste the change.